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Whole House or Partial House Repiping

Discolored Water? Slow or Low Water Pressure? Have old or Qest Piping?

Our professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the plumbing arena. You can believe in our services as we perform neat and orderly services. We conduct proper analysis to give you the finest piping design that will maintain smooth flow of water.

Get in touch with us now for more details at 360-687-7797.

We use the highest quality Pex Pipe

Quality varies widely with PEX pipes. Nate’s Plumbing only uses the highest quality PEX system which easily outshines any other PEX product on the market in terms of quality, safety and reliability. These PEX products are manufactured without torches, glues, chemicals or solvents and can be installed without using a single lead component! This means you get a high-quality, affordable PEX repipe that is guaranteed for life AND a cleaner water supply.

Copper Repiping

Not all copper pipes are created equally. Copper pipes made outside of the United States are almost always inferior to those manufactured in accordance with the strict quality standards of the US. Contractors often cut costs by using cheaper copper pipes that are too thin, alloyed or prone to corrosion. And they still charge you an arm and a leg for a copper repipe!

Nate’s Plumbing only uses American-made, high-quality Grade L copper pipes. This is the only way we can guarantee our work for life. All with Nate’s Plumbing great service.

Effective re-piping services

Having trouble with the pipe in your kitchen? Call us and we’ll take a look at it. We take care of re-piping in your kitchens, baths, water lines, and your entire house.

Remodel your piping design

You can also get pipes installed and repaired at your residence or commercial space. At Nate’s Plumbing Inc., we also handle remodeling the piping network.

Thank you for being there for my family. Both Nate, Jr and Aaron were very professional. I put Nate’s Plumbing on the top of my plumbing service providers list and would like Nate’s to come back out and replace all angel stops throughout the house.CARY ANDERSONOctober 20, 2021