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Whole House or Partial House Repiping

Water taste bad? Have old or Quest piping? Leaks?

All our plumbers have multiple years’ experience, and we are a fully insured and bonded.  Nothing lasts forever and if you’re beginning to experience plumbing leaks on your water pipes more frequently, it might be time to re-pipe your house!  Water leaks can cause all kinds of issues including damaged walls and mold.

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Big Blue & Quest Piping

Many of the water line replacements Nate’s Plumbing does are due to polybutylene (Big Blue or Quest) piping which was used extensively in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. If your water line is or was Big Blue the chances are the piping in your home is also this material. Many homes in Vancouver, WA still have this material and are vulnerable to catastrophic leaks.

Over the years, the preferred material for water pipes has changed significantly. During the 1980s, a new plumbing material known as “polybutylene” was introduced and took the market by storm. Also known as Polybutylene, “Quest” or ‘Big Blue’ piping, this type of plastic plumbing line was both inexpensive and easy to install in addition to extremely durable, making it a popular choice for builders. It remained a common material all the way up through the mid-1990s. If your home was built during this period, there’s a good chance you may still have some of this plumbing.

If you own one of these homes, you should consider replacing your plumbing and/or water line as soon as possible. While the evidence hasn’t definitively proved the problem, it’s widely believed that the inner walls of these plumbing lines became brittle and flaky because of oxidants in the water. Over time, the flaking resulted in weak points, which created micro-fractures, leaks, and the possibility for bursting under high pressure. Today, many home insurance companies won’t even cover homes that have these plumbing lines running in the walls, or at the least won’t offer coverage for damage from water line bursting.

Identifying Polybutylene (Quest) plumbing pipes is actually fairly simple. Polybutylene pipes come in one of three colors: black, blue, or gray. In our area the most common color for this piping is blue.  The easiest places to check are where your main water line enters your home, and where the water line is connected to your water meter.

The first question people often ask when it comes to this type of piping is whether their piping will fail.  The easy answer is, yes.  This material has a 100% failure rate.  Call us to today for an estimate! 

We use the highest quality Pex Pipe

Quality varies widely with PEX pipes. Nate’s Plumbing only uses the highest quality PEX system which easily outshines any other PEX product on the market in terms of quality, safety and reliability. These PEX products are manufactured without torches, glues, chemicals or solvents and can be installed without using a single lead component! This means you get a high-quality, affordable PEX repipe that is guaranteed for life AND a cleaner water supply.

Copper Repiping

Not all copper pipes are created equally. Copper pipes made outside of the United States are almost always inferior to those manufactured in accordance with the strict quality standards of the US. Contractors often cut costs by using cheaper copper pipes that are too thin, alloyed or prone to corrosion. And they still charge you an arm and a leg for a copper repipe!

Nate’s Plumbing only uses American-made, high-quality Grade L copper pipes. This is the only way we can guarantee our work for life. All with Nate’s Plumbing great service.

Nate, thanks for your great work!Tom DahlbergJune 1, 2022